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The Michael McLean 'World-Building' Letter 1-Year Anniversary Black Box Collection
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Discover What 3,019 Other Elite, Driven, Generous Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Husbands, Fathers, Community Leaders, Small Business owners Are Really Saying About Michael McLean And His So-Called 'World-Building Newsletter'. The SHOCKING Raw Truth Revealed Below…

A True Marketing Genius.

"Michael Is A True Marketing Genius."

- Dan Kennedy
Author, Speaker, Legendary Marketing Consultant

Horsepower NOT Horseshit

"I Played 14 Years of professional Hockey Including at the NHL Level. I have played for some of the GREATEST minds and coaches in the game today. I put Michael McLean at the TOP of the REAL Life Leaders I have played and learned from. No nonsense. No Fluff. No BS. As a Husband and father of 3 young children, I appreciate how you have helped me make more money, have more fun and give more back – while freeing me to live a life of AUTONOMY with my beautiful wife and kids. I owe you big time."

- Kevin Bolibruck
Former NHL Player, Motivational Speaker, Financial Consultant

Control. Freedom. Autonomy. BadAss.

"Michael, when I listen to most so-called Business & Lifestyle Experts, It doesn’t take long to see that their advice is paper thin and NOT real world tested. You are the EXACT opposite. You are the real deal, and you pull NO punches. I respect your incredible work ethic, honesty and integrity. It is an honor to call you a friend and colleague. Stay RELENTESS. The world needs MORE BadAss Businessmen than ever."

- Mike Capuzzi
Inventor of, Consultant, Philadelphia, PA

CRAZIEST S.O.B. In Coaching & Consulting...

"Michael is the ULTIMATE BadAss Millionaire Coach. He is the CRAZIEST (and smartest) S.O.B. in the Coaching & Consulting Business today hands down."

- Paul Feldman
President, Insurance News Net Magazine


“I feel compelled to say Thank you. Michael, you have randomly dropped into my life at a time when I needed you.
You have single-handedly pulled me out of a black hole of funk that I have been in for some time. 88 Days, walking , reading, water, etc... has completely changed my life , my mindset, and I just can’t thank you enough. It has trickled down to my family as well. My old son is away at college and last night as I always do I Faced Timed him to check in.
As he was saying good night he said:
“Dad, don’t forget, Be Relentless!”

- Robert Boyd
President / Managing Member
Aspen Agency, Inc.
Oakwood Insurance Agency, LLC

Business Today Isn't Flag Football...

“Business today isn't Flag Football. It's a vicious contact sport. Nobody does a better job at arming businessmen and entrepreneurs who are married with children with the necessary skills, tactics, strategies for today's NEW Business Battlefield than Michael McLean."

- Russ Lowry
Oklahoma Insurance Group, Husband, Father of 4, Youth Sports Coach, 
Community Leader, Crown Royal Drinker

Never Seen Anything Like This Before...

"I have been a student of personal & professional development for 15 years now, building a $40M agency and have NEVER seen anything like what Michael offers. I strongly encourage anyone considering investing their time in what Michael teaches to absolutely do it."

   - Billy Wagner
Owner, Brightway Insurance
Dedicated Father, Relentless Husband, BadAss Millionaire

Back From The Brink...

"Michael took me from overweight, exhausted, nearly BROKE and ready to QUIT my business; To fit, happy, wealthy and Erie Insurance’s #1 TOP Producing American Agent. This while now working a manageable 35-hour work week, coaching both of my kids sports teams and taking 5-6 family vacations per year now."

- Gordon Quinton
Owner of Quinton Insurance,
Rochester, NY & Naples, Fl USA

Top 1% Performance And Results.

"Michael’s teachings have taken my personal life and my real estate business to an entire NEW level. Top 1% performance and results. There is a significant difference in thinking, mindset and behavior – when it comes to moving from a 6-figure entrepreneur to a 7-figure businessman. Nobody does a more impressive job of teaching the ‘insider secrets’ to this transition than Michael McLean.Thank you helping me take my business and my life from Ordinary to Extraordinary."

- Willie Miranda
Real Estate Agent, Brokerage Owner, Consultant

In A Class All By Himself...

"I have been a student of Michael's for 12 years now. His work just resonates with me. I can't thank him enough for the improvements I've been able to make in my businesses, fitness, mental health, personal relationships, and for the World that I've been able to build for myself. If you want an extraordinary life... you simply cannot afford NOT to invest your time in what Michael teaches."

- Paul Nolte
Owner, Goodhue Nolte Insurance Agency

BadAss Legacy Builder.

"Michael, I am 54 years old and I have NEVER been happier in my entire life. My Business is a BADASS Marketing Machine in my Micro-Niche Marketplace. I am in the BEST physical and MENTAL shape of my life. My relationship with my Children and Grandchild is the strongest and most committed ever. I am a force for good in my community and I am focused on building my personal legacy one day at a time. Thank you for your leadership and the always needed MENTAL ‘Kick In The Pants’."

- John Mason
Owner of Chenango Brokers LLC

BadAss Discipline = BadAss Freedom...

"I have been a member of Michael’s Coaching program for 4 years. I have also attended 3 of his Elite 5-Star Mastermind Events. Where to start? The Man inspired me to train, organize and walk across the entire country in honor of my late Father and to raise funds for Cancer research. It took 4 months but I accomplished this ‘Hail Mary’ goal with my wife Kristie and my 3 children by my side for the entire journey. As far as personal and business life; I can NOT recognize myself anymore. I no longer drink alcohol, I am in the best physical shape of my life – and my marriage and relationship with my children has never been stronger or better connected. Financially I am free to work when I want – I also began coaching and mentoring others on Michael’s recommendation. The Key To Living is Giving. Just handwriting Personal Letters to my Mother, Wife and 3 Children has transformed my life. I will thank you Michael – the ONLY way I know how – by helping others and living a life of service. Thank you. Relentless I Remain."

- Jimmy Lefebvre
LeFebvre Corporations, BadAss Millionaire, Consultant,
Father, Husband, Community Leader

Spent Well Over $300,000...

"I've Spent Well Over $300,000 in Books, Programs, Courses, Events and Masterminds over the Years. Being A Part of Your Mastermind And Your BadAss Millionaire World-Building Society is by far the best investment I've ever made . Thank You Michael."

- David Linton
Owner & CEO of Everlast Epoxy System, Dedicated Father, Relentless Husband, BadAss Millionaire

More Freedom To Do What I Love...

"Thank you Michael for teaching me that life is NOT a dress rehearsal. I now live life on MY terms and make time for things that I love and bring me joy. This has made me a better Businessman, brother, friend and community leader. Stay RELENTLESS!"

- Tom Wiecek
President, Paramount Insurance, North Carolina

LOVE Your Style... Just Don't Tell Anyone In My Knitting Circle Please

"Mr. McLean... I find your use of foul and vulgar language quite off-putting. The ladies at my non-denominational knitting circle and I blushed just reading the title of your new book. It is my opinion that you didn't have your mouth washed out with soap often enough as a young child and it has carried on into your adulthood! By the way... Love your style my friend (just don't tell anyone in my knitting circle please)..."

- Dave Dubeau
Real Estate Consultant And Investor, Alberta, Canada

‘Balls To The Wall’ Inconvenient Truth Telling…

"I am a member of multiple marketing and business building programs. Your Hard Core ‘Balls To The Wall’ truth material TOPS my reading list. So my only advice is this: Keep telling the inconvenient truth because there is NO easy button to be found. I want to thank you for putting so much effort in all you do and all you’ve done for my business and my personal life."

- Dr J. Tahir
Berwyn, IL, USA

Top 1% Freedom & Autonomy...

"Michael, I owe you a long overdue letter of Thanks. Your Coaching & Friendship has been a complete Game Changer for me and my Family. I struggle as a Workaholic Businessman. It has negatively affected my Marriage and relationship with my 3 children in the past. Not good. You have shown me over the last 10 years how to change all of that. Thanks to you I have never been happier or closer to my kids. I am in a healthy relationship and now work on MY OWN terms. You have gifted me CONTROL, Freedom and Autonomy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family thanks you as well."

- Michael Carroll
Carroll Insurance Group

Happy As A Dog With Two Dicks

"Michael, it was a pleasure having you speak at Mal Emery's Super Conference in Sidney. The stampede to the back of the room to purchase your product is all the feedback you need. Total BadAss performance from the stage. Personally, I appreciate everything you have done for me, my wife and my 2 children. Thanks to you we leave in early 2021 in a rented RV for the family trip of a lifetime across Australia. Total Freedom, Independence, Self-Reliance, Control and Autonomy. As we joke; I'm as happy as 'a dog with 2 dicks'! Thanks from the bottom of my heart Mate."

- Mark Selbst
Marketing Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

Sold My Porsche for a John Deere Tractor 

"I am almost 70, and 3 years ago, when all my friends were downsizing and moving into over 55 and retirement communities, I did the exact opposite. I sold my McMansion, bought a 10-acre farm, and traded my Porsche for a new John Deere tractor. I began to work on my health and got a Cross fit trainer, “my wealth is in my health.” What has really helped me get into gear has been your Michael McLean Daily "Kick In The Pants Video" and your World-Building Letter. Pure Wealth, Health and Relationship-Building Gold. I am getting in better health. Now when I go to the local diner for breakfast, I see these guys my age get out of their fancy sports cars and looking frail. It’s like the better, faster, and more powerful their cars get the physically frailer they become. Forever grateful, Michael."

- George Meschter
Owner, Meschter Insurance

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